Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners, Bags, & Accessories

We know how important it is to keep the air you breathe clean now more than ever. That’s why we offer vacuums featuring bags and filters with HEPA media filtration.
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Burnsville Vacuum is proud to carry the full line of vacuums by Simplicity: a trusted line of American vacuums for more than 80 years.

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Simplicity is focused on one thing — building exceptional vacuums. And, as our name implies, we don’t believe that adding gadgets and gizmos is the way to accomplish this goal.

Instead, engineers and structural designers scrutinize every detail of our vacuums to ensure each element is the best it can be.

Your vacuum should be part of your home maintenance solutions, not part of the problem. Whether it’s the day you purchase your Simplicity or years later, you can count on superior performance every time you use your vacuum.

Simplicity stands behind each of its vacuums with the best comprehensive warranties in the industry. Maintaining a beautiful home just got easier.

Once you experience the unrivaled performance of a Simplicity, you’ll see the difference between what’s “ordinary” and what’s “exceptional”.